Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump pulled off presidential

USA Today- James S. Robbins

You can’t fact check leadership, and tonight Donald Trump showed himself a leader.

In the run-up to the Hofstra presidential debate, the Clinton campaign mounted a concerted effort to make fact-checking the centerpiece of the event. Campaign manager Robby Mook argued that "it’s unfair to ask that Hillary Clinton both play traffic cop with Trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision for what she wants to do for the American people." Mook said that if Trump “lied,” it was moderator Lester Holt’s responsibility to point that out.

Fact-checking has never been an accepted role for debate moderators. Janet Brown, head of the Commission on Presidential Debates, said that a moderator should not “serve as the Encyclopedia Britannica.” And moderator Candy Crowley’s ill-advised intervention against Mitt Romney in 2012 showed why fact checking on the fly is a bad idea.

Read the full article here;  http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/09/26/trump-clinton-debate-hofstra-1980-reagan-carter-james-robbins-column/91141618/

Hillary’s Debate Lies

Via City Journal;

Hillary Clinton repeated her incessant lie last night that the criminal justice system is infected with “systemic racism.” Race “determines” how people are “treated in the criminal justice system,” she said. Blacks are “more likely [than whites] to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated” for “doing the same thing.” Such a dangerous falsehood, should Clinton act on it as president, would result not just in misguided policies but in the continued delegitimation of the criminal justice system. That delegitimation, with its attendant hostility and aggression toward police officers, has already produced the largest one-year surge in homicides in urban areas in nearly a half-century.

Criminologists have tried for decades to prove that the overrepresentation of blacks in prison is due to criminal-justice racism. They have always come up short. They have been forced to the same conclusion as Michael Tonry in his book, Malign Neglect: “Racial differences in patterns of offending, not racial bias by police and other officials, are the principal reason that such greater proportions of blacks than whites are arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned,” Tonry wrote. In 1997, criminologists Robert Sampson and Janet Lauritsen reviewed the massive literature on charging and sentencing. They found overwhelming evidence establishing that “large racial differences in criminal offending,” not racism, explained why more blacks were in prison proportionately than whites and for longer terms.

Read the full article here; http://www.city-journal.org/html/hillarys-debate-lies-14759.html

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton Slipping?

"Those who say that Hillary is not being hurt by the email scandal need to have a look at the latest Quinnipiac Poll released on Thursday, 4/9/15. Her lead in Iowa and Colorado has vanished and she is no better than tied against all Republican candidates. In Iowa, her favorable rating is down to 45% from 49% in February.
In Virginia, whose politics are increasingly dominated by federal bureaucrats employed in next door DC, she has moved up against Bush, leading him by five points.

Expect poll after poll to echo and continue these findings. Hillary's ratings are on a downward trajectory and will remain so even after she announces officially. She won't get much of a bump from announcing. And any she does get will soon be overshadowed by the spreading email scandal that is engulfing her.

It is not the scandal, itself that is most important in these days a year and a half before the election. It is the secondary effect it is bound to have on Democrats who worry about Hillary's ability to win in November. Every primary is partially an audition to determine who should fill the role of party standard bearer. The more Hillary's ratings against possible Republican opponents drops, the more Democrats are going to second guess her candidacy.

Polls that show her wiping our any Democrat in the primaries are premature. They test a response to something that hasn't happened yet. First you have to have the news of the scandal sink in. Then it has to move the polls of her favorability and her head to head matchup with Republican candidates. Then, and only then, can you expect her vote share against Democratic rivals to drop.
But it will." ~Dick Morris

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sarah Palin: CPAC 2014

"I do not like this Uncle Sam. I do not like his health-care scam.

"I do not like these dirty crooks or how they lie and cook the books.

"I do not like when Congress steals. I do not like their crony deals.

"I do not like this spying, man. I do not like 'Oh, yes we can.'

"I do not like this spending spree. We’re smart, we know there’s nothing free.

"I do not like reporters’ smug replies when I complain about their lies.

"I do not like this kind of hope, and we won’t take it, nope, nope, nope." -Sarah Palin

See video from Sarah Palin's full address at CPAC 2014 below: 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Phyllis Schlafly Interview

(OL) 1. It is an honor to be with you. Thanks for your time. How have you been and what are the latest happenings in your world?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
I went to David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, so I've been in Palm Beach for three days, I just got back and it was very enjoyable.

(OL) 2. You have written many books on various subjects such as family, feminism and religion. When you look back on the success of those books, what is your hope that people will take from reading them?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
The most influential and really the most important was the first one, "A Choice Not An Echo," and really what that did was to tell the grassroots to rise up and not let the establishment give us any more losing candidates. To get the kind of candidates the grassroots wanted. "A Choice Not An Echo" brought people into the conservative movement. It was a major factor in the building of the conservative movement

(OL) 3. One of your most recent books, No Higher Power: Obama’s War On Religious Freedom, goes in depth about this administration’s continuous efforts to abolish religious liberty. With a second term left to complete, what is your solution to combat these assaults against people of faith?  

(Phyllis Schlafly)
I think they can speak against it and write against it and if there are any Supreme Court decisions that go wrong, they should rise up and attack the Supreme Court decision. They shouldn't just sit around and let the Supreme Court wipe out the First Amendment, which is what Obama wants. So I think public protest and public action is simply very important.

(OL) 4. Can you tell us about your involvement in the fight against common core and briefly explain it to our readers?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
Common core is the latest of the attempt to have federal control of the curriculum in public schools. Now, it's against the law for the federal government to try to run our curriculum in the public schools, but they do it in devious ways. You notice that the common core people will say, "Oh, there isn't any curriculum, it's just the standards." But that's playing with words, because the common core is moving to control all the testing in the country. If the kids are going to pass the tests, the teachers are going to have to teach to the tests. I also think that the attempt to have a national standard is dumbing down. It's like that radio slogan, where all kids are above equal; we know that's not possible.

I think everything is bad about it. I think it's a tremendous money making scheme. There's just hundreds of thousands of dollars that have gone into enforcing it on the public schools and other schools, from the testing mechanism. I haven't seen anything good about it at all. Parents are very upset about the math assignments and other assignments that their kids are coming home with. I think we would be better off if we just leave the curriculum up to the state and local school boards, which is what Canada does. Canada doesn't have a national control over their education and they get along fine.

(OL) 5. In 1972 you founded the Eagle Forum, a national organization that encourages everyday citizens to participate in the public policymaking process. What led your inspiration to start this movement?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
I started writing my newsletter, The Phyllis Schlafly Report in 1967 as a result of a campaign I waged to be President of the National Federation of Republican Women, an election that I lost. But I had all of these thousands of women who wanted to follow my leadership. I devised the newsletter as a way of communicating with them and sending them a message every month about politics.

In those days I wrote mostly about the strategic ballots, about the Soviet Missile threat and I would write an issue each month about some important national political topic. In February of 1972, I wrote one issue called, "What's Wrong With Equal Rights For Women?" And it kind of took off into orbit. A few weeks after I mailed it, a friend from Oklahoma called and said, "Phyllis, we took your newsletter to our legislators and they voted down ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)." ERA just came out of the congress and I hadn't paid any attention to it until I researched it for that newsletter, but then I took a look at it and read it and thought it was a very bad deal, basically a fraud.

(OL) 6. Out of all your years as a staunch defender of upholding conservative values, what has been the most challenging obstacle that you had to overcome and why?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
I guess the most challenging obstacle is the media. They are against what the grassroots want in most cases and they are very powerful. They repeat their bias again and again.
(OL) 7. Being a seasoned platform debater, what is the most important trait one must possess to be as impactful as you have when it comes to debating the issues in the political arena?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
I think you have to know your facts. My speeches and debates are very fact intensive. I try to give people information that is truthful information. They can check it out and can find I was telling them the truth. I have found that a lot of my opponents didn't really tell it like it is. I found if I stuck to the absolute truth I was better off and could win most of the debates.

(OL) 8. What advice can you give to the rising electorate of young Americans to be better informed and remain involved in the future of politics?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
I think politics is a battle and a lot of people don't like that, but there are enough people who do. They enjoy the competition of it and they're also impressed with how important it is because it means what kind of a country we're going to live in. I urge those who that can take it to be active in politics and be active as a volunteer. I think it's very important to have as many people as possible to do that.

(OL) 9. What is your vision for America?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
People are very depressed, our kind of people are very depressed at the present time. But I gave them I hope encouragement that a small group, a minority group, can rise up and turn the country around. That’s what I'm trying to do and I hope that we can have enough people who will help on that.

(OL) Can you quote that beautiful scripture you are famous for saying in your speeches?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
"They who wait upon the Lord will rise up with wings as eagles, they will run, and not be weary."

I urge people not to be weary in trying to defend our country. I think Obama's taking us down the wrong road and it's up to conservatives to get our country back on the right track. We need everybody. I encourage people to be volunteers in politics. It's difficult, a lot of times it’s not fun but it's very important. I have gathered quite a lot of people who are willing to go into the battle and sustain themselves in the battle for a long time, which I’ve done for many, many years.

(OL) 10. How do you want your legacy to be remembered?

(Phyllis Schlafly)
I think I showed people that good people and conservatives can accomplish a great deal despite tremendous odds; I think that's what I did. I showed the conservatives that they can win despite all the odds being against them, despite the media, despite the big money of the RINOS, despite the power of people who are in government; we can still win.

Photo credit, Christian F. Scalise, Operation Liberty.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Phyllis Schlafly Cover Presentation

CHICAGO, IL (November 10, 2013) –This past weekend, Operation Liberty had the great honor of presenting conservative icon, author, activist, and constitutional lawyer Phyllis Schlafly with her fall 2013 cover at the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Des Moines, Iowa.

Other speakers at the event included Senator Mike Lee from Utah, Congressman Steve King, Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Dr. Ralph Reed, and Governor Sarah Palin.

Stay tuned to Operation Liberty USA for an exclusive interview with Phyllis Schlafly coming in November 2013!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sarah Palin heads to Iowa 11/9

Don’t miss Gov. Sarah Palin at this year’s 13th Annual Friends of the Family Banquet.  She will join Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum.  This must-not-miss dinner will be held on Saturday, November 9th at the Paul Knapp Learning Center on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines

See flier below for more in formation: